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Delia Cosmetics Creamy Eyebrow Mascara -Washable and Fashionable Camouflage Face Covering

Delia Cosmetics Cuticle Remover Instant Gel 11ml

Delia Cosmetics Cuticle Remover Instant Gel 11ml


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Cuticle Remover Instant Gel is a product designed to make your manicure more pleasant and easier to do. As a result, the nails look more healthy and well-groomed. Cuticle Remover with vitamins is a product which softens and helps remove cuticles. It is an essential part of manicure which: Softens cuticles. Provides gentle care Helps remove overgrown cuticles. Leaves the nails well-groomed. Does not dry out the nails Contains glycerin and aloe vera extract.

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